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The People of Prout Table

Each of us has a unique story.

If you've only had a chance to read Our Story, and About Us, you know what we're like as a group. What we do, what we like, and so on. But there is more to Prout Table than group activities. We are all real people with real lives, and we have all experienced Prout Table differently. Take a stroll down our roster and meet each member of Prout Table up close and personal.

Each person has an area (a page, if you will) about them. I've included what I know of each person, what about them is significant to me. Occasionally, I've inserted stories that have come to mind while writing these. These are my personal views. I did not ask people what I should say about them.

Finally, I have also included some responses from my call for memories, impressions, and one-liners. Those who did not respond simply don't have that section on their pages.

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Updated: April 19th, 1997