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About Us

What kind of people are we, really?

This section explores who we are collectively...

Hopefully you will get an understanding of who we are and what we do by exploring the rest of this presentation. This is the part where I try to figure out what kinds of people we are, why we "work" as a group, and things like that. What I've come up with is mainly based on two sources: (1) my own bias, experiences, and observations as well as (2) a brief survey that I distributed to most of Prout Table during the Summer of 1996 (when this project was just getting started).

Of course, the act of filling-out they surveys got a lot of us talking (both as a group and one-on-one) about this very topic. That influence has undoubtedly seeped in to parts of this--that was the idea.

I happen to have a theory about why we've stuck together, and distributing the survey mentioned above was a simple and non-scientific way of figuring out if there is anything obvious I overlooked. You may be interested enough to read more about what led up to using the questions I did.

So, what happened? Was I right? What earth-shattering and enlightening information did my survey unveil?

Well, in the end, the survey told me a lot of what I already knew. On the whole, I feel safe in generalizing a bit about us. We:

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