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Melanie Lehman: "Mel"

Pictured: Melanie Lehman.

The three words or phrases that best describe Mel:

For quite a long time, Mel was just sort of "there." I knew her as Kacky's roommate, and not much else. That's probably due in part to the fact that Prout-Table is composed mostly of extroverts and getting a word in edge-wise can sometimes be quite challenging. Among us, Mel is one of the quieter ones, which is what made her such a mystery until recently.

At some time during my [first] senior year, I actually found myself in smaller groups of people when Mel happened to be with us. It was around that time that I realized that I knew little more about Mel than the following:

Strangely enough, I was content for quite a while with just knowing that. However, as graduation approached, and I realized that she was going to be one of the few people left in BG this year (known as my second senior year), I figured that getting to know a bit more about Mel would be a good thing.

Don't ask how or why, but before I knew it, it was the summer of 1996, Jer and Chris were married, most of Prout Table had left BG, and I was dating Mel. Strange. I couldn't have predicted this. In any case, it didn't last too long, and before I knew it, summer was over and we were all (those of us who were left) back in school.

During that summer, though, I ended up spending a lot of time with Mel (and probably would have even if we hadn't been dating). I learned that Mel is a very caring, person. And if that's not enough, she seems to know everyone's birthday--seriously. I don't know how we made this discovery, but it seems as if she has memorized the birthday of most everyone she's known for more than a month.

I'll remember Mel as the person who was always slapping me for something I said but was still willing to lend a hand, ear, or amusing story about something that happened to her.

Memories, Impressions, and One-liners

Ok I'll start with the Prout memory thing first....

Oddly enough many of my favorite Prout memories, things that stick in my head, are related to water. Hot tubbing and swimming, usually with mookie, Janet, Steph, Anne, and sometimes others, at the rec. was always something that I really enjoyed doing. We had a lot of fun tubbing it during spring break too. Who can forget Brandt and his honeys, and the foursome of Anne, Me, Z, and Brandt. Ok maybe some of you can but those times were always fun. Then there was the pool party at Z's. It was really great that we could all get together this summer and just hang out and relax. Actually, one of the things we did this summer that I enjoyed the most was just going to Z's house and going swimming. Sometimes it would just be the two of us and other times there would be three or four of us. I remember one time when Schaubie, Z, and I went for a late night swim and all three of us got eaten alive (by bugs of course). Well those are my memories of water... Think what you will.

Some one liners, that I'm sure have been included already but I'm going to say anyway...

Mookie drives...
Stargazing (at spring break, in the middle of a cornfield, in the
apartment parking lot...)


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