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Stephanie Baker: "Steph"

Pictured: Stephanie Baker.

The three words or phrases that best describe Steph:

I remember how I came upon meeting Stephanie. My first ever college class was with Steph. We both took Honors English 112 (and hated it) at oh, I think it was 8:30am during the Fall of 1992. Three mornings a week, we sat next to each other, tried to stay awake, and complained about our class. I don't know how much of our negativity was due to the fact that it was 8:30am, but that's hardly the point...

Stephanie was actually a fairly different person back then--different from the Stephanie that we all know and love today. Of course, we were ALL different back them.

After that time, I don't know that we saw much of each other until she and Tom began dating during my sophomore year. They were quite the strange couple. Anyway...

What has always struck me about Stephanie were the motivation and dedication she possessed. She seemed to have a an idea of what it was she wanted, and she'd go right after it. She doesn't get as caught up in worrying about why she can't do something, she just tries to make it happen. Often times, I wish I had more of that in me.

Anyone who has known Stephanie for long also knows that she can be quite opinionated. She has very strong feelings on a number of issues, and she's not afraid to make that known--even if it means being in the minority and being verbally beat up (even by us). Steph has her principles and sticks with them. She is not easily swayed by silly arguments, peer pressure, "popular" opinion, and the like.

In my mind, her strength of character is one of her most admirable qualities. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it to her, but it is very impressive (and I'm quite jealous about it). I wish more people, myself included, could be like that.

Oh, as I write this, Stephanie and Tyler have been dating for quite some time. Probably coming up on a year soon.

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