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Mike Horvath: "Mookie!"

Pictured: Mike Horvath.

The three words or phrases that best describe Mike:

I'm pretty sure that I first met Mike in class I was taking. I think is was the Honors section of Psychology (Introduction to Psychology) 201 during my freshman year. He and I also suffered through the Honors section of Math 232 (Calculus II) together--also during my freshman year.

Other than that, the only recollection of Mike that I have for quite some time is that Tom used to talk about him as being somehow connected with Kresiher Quad Government (KQG).

During my sophomore year, Mike and I lived just doors away from each other (he was rooming with Jer on the ground floor of Darrow and I was rooming with Tom). Even though were were close geographically, I still knew little of Mike until my junior year when this whole Prout Table thing really began to take off.

I will always think of Mike as the one who was addicted to crosswords puzzles. He religiously brought (or borrowed) the daily crossword puzzle from USA Today and attempted to finish it during lunch. He succeeded an astonishing percentage of the time. (That's really a whole 'nother story that may never be told here.)

Of significant note about Mike is that he has been dating Anne for quite some time. Many of us are wondering if and when they'll be getting married. With Jer & Chris and Aaron & Kristin "out of the way", Mike and Anne are next on the list. (I think it bothers Mike when people point this out. Oh, well...)

Mike is known for his drives. Not disk drives. He will occasionally grab a few Prout folks, put them in his car, and drive around with no particular destination in mind. The point isn't where you go or end up (since you almost always end up where you started anyway). It's what happens along the way that it important--much like life. What usually transpires is best thought of as an open-ended question and answer "game."

In the end, everyone ends up learning a lot about each other. It's a quality-time on the road adventure of sorts.

If you are wondering where the nickname "Mookie" came from, Mike has documented the story for us.

Mike is currently a graduate student in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. See his homepage for more info.


Memories, Impressions, and One-liners

[I may come up with more later; my brain's getting fuzzy].

Prout Stuff I remember:

The first time I got drunk: Me wandering around Janet's apartment our Junior
year, with a drunk Stephanie looking into my eyeballs and telling me, "Mookie, you're drunk." I, of course, vehemently deined the accusation.

Janet's 21st birthday party: Z, with Janet on his lap, wraps his arms firmly around Janet so she won't get up in her waydrunken state and hurt something (like herself).

The first time I got REALLY drunk: Z and Janet's apartment one night my Senior year. I looked at Janet, felt a huge wave of bonding and love and all that, and said "Janet.... you know... you're a really good friend." I then realized that I was drunk, because only drunk people say things like that, unprovoked, in that context.

The Prout Table Crossword. With a clickey-pencil.

"No Box talk at the Table!"

The duct-tape "X" on the window, that's probably still there.

Anne Hugs.

That one spot on Mel's knee...

Late night drives in my car, with three other Prout-Table people (exact composition subject to change). The rules: I'd drive randomly with the intent of getting pretty lost and as far from lights and civilization as possible. We would take turns asking a question which we would each then answer. Questions would get deeper and more philosophical as the night progressed, until finally one of us got tired or had to pee. I've never felt closer to Prout-Table than I did in that car.


The Mission (we never did have that meeting...)


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