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Aaron Schaub: "Schaubie" or just "Schaub"

Pictured: Aaron Schaub.

The three words or phrases that best describe Aaron:

I initially came to know Aaron because he was Jer's roommate and lived just down the hall (in Darrow, of course) from me while I was rooming with Justin. All I really knew about him at first was that he was sort of crazy because he was in the Army ROTC and got up absurdly early in the morning to run, jump, and generally exhaust himself.

Somehow, I'm not sure how, I got to know him a lot better as time went on. I think a lot of it had to do with the amusing conversations at the lunch table that characterized our group. Aaron always had a story to tell and they were almost always really funny.. That's why I came up with the word "Adventurous" to describe him. He has seen and done a lot. He has traveled to several foreign countries, met some truly bizarre people, and, in general, had one heck of a life so far. If that's not enough, he always seems willing to take on more. That must be why he likes all the Army stuff.

The other two words I picked to describe him seem to hand-in-hand with Aaron: "Tough" and "Flexible". The details aren't important, but I watched Aaron put up with a lot of crap being thrown at him in the past few years. Much of this is due to the combination of school, the military, and getting married to Kristin (please don't take that the wrong way).

One thing that I remember (and miss) is talking to Aaron during our Rec. Center trips. For most of semester or so, Aaron, Justin, and I (better known as Slow) did our best to haul our collective butts to the Rec. Center and work out. Aaron and I both spent a good amount of time wandering around the track together and just talking about whatever happened to be of interest. Usually we chatted about something funny that had happened to one of us, or what's been going on recently in our lives--both good and bad. We had quite a few really good laughs on the track.

After our trips to the Rec. Center stopped, and we all became busier, we never really had the chance to just talk about whatever on a regular basis. I really do miss that. We never ran out of things to laugh at, complain about, or generally babble...

One other cool thing about Aaron is that the longer I knew him, the more and more of a computer geek he became. Slowly but surely he was becoming one. This meant that we always had something to talk about, I suppose.

Not long ago, he and Kristin got married. I was privileged enough to be one of his groomsmen in the wedding. They're really a great couple.

Nowadays, Aaron is doing his mandatory years in the military. As I write this, he is off to the land of the rising sun (Japan) for the next three years of his life. Today, he, Kristin, and I went to lunch at Pisanello's Pizza here in BG. It was probably the last time I will see him for quite a long time (maybe all three years). We had some time to tell the stories of what's been going on in our lives (like we used to do at the Rec.)--Aaron getting ready for Japan, and me looking for an apartment in Chicago.

After lunch, we came back to my apartment to hang out a little bit longer (postpone the inevitable), play with computer stuff, and look at the wedding pictures. The funny thing (well it wasn't actually funny--nobody laughed) is that when the time came for them to leave, it took a while. Aaron and I kept coming up with one last thing to mention before he walked out the door for the last time. I don't know why he was doing it, but I wanted to get every last minute of time with him that I could.

We're all gonna miss you, Aaron.

Thank god for e-mail.

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Updated: March 29th, 1997