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Tom Ligman

Pictured: Tom Ligman.

The three words or phrases that best describe Tom:

Like Sam, Tom is someone I met in high school. I have vague memories of seeing Tom around school off and on during my first few years, but I honestly didn't pay much attention to him because we hung out with different people. Well, more accurately, he hung out with people from school, and I really didn't.

During our junior and senior years, I think we got to know each other a quite a bit better. There are two distinct memories I have of Tom from that time. The first happened during one of our famous ... uhm ... I think it was a Jeans Day. It was one of those days when we were allowed to wear something more relaxed than the typical nice shoes, pants, shirt, and tie that we were so used to. In any case, Tom decided it'd be a good idea to come to school in a home-made toga.

This would have been all well and good, since most teachers were fairly relaxed about these dress-down days. But Tom had failed to realize the challenge that awaited him after lunch. He and I both had the same Psychology class during our senior year. This particular class (after lunch) was taught by none other than Mr. Rick Sullivan, our school principal.

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what I"m about to write... Tom had the unfortunate honor of sitting in the front row of our Psychology class (I sat directly behind him.) Well, to make a lengthening story somewhat shorter, Tom was questioned by Mr. Sullivan and made to look like an idiot in front of the class. I know he really didn't care about getting caught, but he was really hoping to get through the entire day without getting caught.

The second thing that I distinctly remember was sitting in our study hall one day. We were chatting about where everyone was headed to for college, and somehow managed to discover that he and I were both quite likely to be attending BGSU, and we also found that neither of us had a clue who we were going to room with--we weren't too crazy about "going potluck" either.

That day, we decided that we'd room together and, as they say, the rest is history... He and I actually lived together for our first two years on campus, and then a few years later, we roomed together one last time, in an apartment off-campus.

Tom was an active and amusing part of Prout-Table for quite a while (especially when Prout-Table was in its infancy). During much of this time, he was dating Stephanie--something that few of us understand to this day.

Due to circumstances not appropriate to include in this project, Tom was ultimately exiled from Prout-Table before our big Spring Break Trip.

While he was with us, Tom entertained us with his crazy ideas, strange sense of humor, and overall carefree nature. I sort of miss that.

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