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Our Story

Well, actually lots of little stories. We don't have one, coherent "story" to tell. That would be far too easy.

Contained below are links to brief stories that touch on some of the defining moments, qualities, and traditions that have shaped us in to Prout Table.

Our Name
Wondering where the name Prout Table came from? I had to think about that one for a while. Then I had to ask around and see what others remembered. This is what I found.
Our Mailing List
Since quite a few of us were (or wanted to be) what we lovingly termed "computer geeks," it wasn't long before we had our own mailing list.
Lunch Time
Eating lunch together is one of the most significant things we did as a group.
Spring Break (long)
During March of 1996, most of Prout Table loaded themselves into vehicles and headed to a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for a week of relaxation. This trip was such a production, that could have been an Honors Project in and of itself...
Team Slow
How three members of Prout Table discovered their inability to anything quickly when they're together.
Saving the Family
Yes, we too can be dysfunctional at times. There was a time when Prout Table was in danger of breaking apart--due mostly to internal conflict. Read about how we tried to save ourselves.
The Physics of Prout Table
All about Prout Gravity and critical mass, two of the forces that govern how Prout Table operates.
The "Box"
How computers played a role in our group (much to the chagrin of the female contingent).

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Updated: April 20th, 1997