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Tyler Heichel: "Ty"

Pictured: Jeff Wolfe (left) and Tyler Heichel (right).

The three words or phrases that best describe Tyler:

Until now, I hadn't realized how long I've known Tyler. I've known him since I began my Freshman year at BGSU. Somehow, Tyler had the patience to live with Dave Harold for several years, and it just so happens that they lived across the hall from me and Tom during our Freshman year. He was also one of the regulars in the third floor lounge where Tom and I both spent way too much time during our freshmen year.

Tyler is one of the few people I met at school and never once forgot. I think that's mostly to do with the color purple. The first thing I learned about Tyler is that he is obsessed with all things purple (and green, too). He seemed to have something purple to wear on every day of the week

In terms of being a part of our group, Tyler is a lot like Chris Bernard, in that they both have been sporadic members for quite some time. This is partly due to the fact that Tyler is several years ahead of us, which is too say that he is a bit older, and graduated a couple of years ago. Recently, however, Tyler has been much more of a part of our group because he and Steph have been dating.

I tend to remember Tyler as an amusing person. He seems to always be in a good mood. He always seems to amuse people with reference to comic book characters, superheroes, or old (and sometimes obscure) movie and TV shows. I'm not sure if he has always been this way, or if it a by-product of having lived in a confined space with Dave for so long.

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