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Christine Morris: "Chris" or "Mom"

Pictured: Christine Morris.

The three words or phrases that best describe Chris:

As is true of many of the people in this list, Chris is one of the people I don't remember specifically ever meeting or hearing about. I just know that she's always been among us.

Chris has always impressed me with they way she can go out of her way to help people. She gives good advice and is very practical about things. I feel like she's drawing on some ancient wisdom that only a select few people are ever allowed access to.

One of the things that Chris and I both shared was a common hatred for a certain professor of the German language. At one point in her academic career, Chris was a German major. I was not a German major, but I did have to take a few German classes to satisfy my foreign language requirement (as if Pascal, COBOL, C++, and Perl aren't enough).

She "felt my pain" in trying to deal with my first German class at BGSU. At times she was my walking, living, breathing German to English dictionary. I don't know if I ever said thanks for all that.

She got the nickname "Mom" because she's always looking out for us, checking up on us (in a good way), and generally being Mom-like. We love her for that. Since none of us have Moms here in College, she has been the next best thing.

During her time at BGSU, Chris spent a lot of time working in the Library. She was our resident reference librarian. I really mention this because she is now working for the Ohio State Legislative Service as a Research Librarian (what is her exact title?).

Of course, it's worth mentioning that she is also very skilled at keeping Jer, her husband, in line.


Memories, Impressions, and One-liners

OK, as far as memories go, I can only think of one to share:

the day Schaub sat at the table trying to blow toothpicks into the ceiling. I aided and abetted him in this grand and noble pursuit, much to the chagrin of most others present--particularly the female contingent. I think, if I remember correctly, this was near the end of the fall semester, and I was about to escape the evil clutches of The Old Lady. My enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life (i.e. doing pointless, annoying, but nonetheless amusing things such as this) was greatly heightened by these extenuating circumstances.


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