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The Future of Prout Table

The best is yet to come.

Destination Unknown

"I see life and it's passin right before my eyes, and the past is the past don't regret it, time to realize...

I need to walk on the wire just to catch my breath, I don't know how or where but I'm goin' it's all that I have left...

It don't matter where it takes me, long as I can keep this feeling runnin' through my soul...

Never took this road before--destination unknown..."

Franne Golde, Paul Fox, and Jake Hooker. Performed by Marietta on the Top Gun soundtrack.

For me, that sums up my feelings about Prout Table's future quite well. We're all good friends and busy people headed in different directions. For some of us, we're not even sure which way we're headed, but I don't think any of us knows where we'll end up. We can only hope for the best.

Personally, I began wondering about what will happen to our group [in the future] about a year ago--the time during which the first and biggest wave of us was graduating. I wondered where we'd be a year ... five years ... or more.

What I can say so far is that I'm quite happy with how most things have worked out. Thus far, the only two people that are too far away to visit in a reasonable amount of driving time are Janet and Aaron. Janet is in Rhode Island and Aaron is in Tokyo, Japan. Kristin will be joining Aaron in Japan later this Spring (since they are married, after all).

Even with people half way around the world, we are all still able to keep in contact (except, of course, for Justin). Thanks to the popularity of electronic mail and the Prout-Table mailing list, even the busiest of us manage to send out a "here's what's been going on in my life lately" message.

Most of us manage to get together and visit on some occasions. Recently, the wedding of Kristin and Aaron gave us all a chance to get together again. In fact, it was a rare occasion in that virtually all of us were there. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, we asked the wedding photographer to take a picture of all us Prout Table folk. I have included it here.

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Updated: April 19th, 1997