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Kristin Gaddis

Pictured: Kristin Gaddis.

The three words or phrases that best describe Kristin:

For a change, I'm sure of how I came to know someone. I know Kristin because of Aaron, her boyfriend of back then and husband of now.

Kristin is by far the person I feel like I know the least about in this whole group, and that's all my loss I'm sure. She is one of those naturally quiet people who seems content to listen rather than talk and to go about her business in a quiet and unobtrusive manner.

She would always arrive and leave lunch at the Table unannounced. Often times it took me a minute or two to figure out what was different--"Oh, Kristin is gone. When did she leave?"

She has to be one of the most confident and determined people that I know. Something about her just radiates her sense of direction and determination. I also feel like she's very perceptive. It's as if she can simply observe us at lunch for a little while--just listening and watching, and in the end she has a much better handle on what is going on and how people are feeling.

For some reason the word "stable" comes to mind when I think about Kristin. Of all the Prout folks, she's the only one I can picture just going nuts about something.

Hey, she has to have some divine gift if she can keep Aaron in line, right?

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