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Chris Bernard

Pictured: Jeremy Zawodny (left) and Chris Bernard (right).

The three words or phrases that best describe Chris:

Chris is virtually tied for 1st place when it comes to people I've known longest on this list. I met Chris at about the same time I met Janet. I'm not sure if I met him before or after Janet, but they were within minutes of each other, if memory serves (and it sometimes does). In any case, I was introduced to both of them during my Sophomore year of high school while on a community service project (known as a Youth Elect Service [YES] project) through my local youth group.

The first thing that struck me about Chris was his outgoing and amusingly dramatic nature. It's very hard to describe being around Chris. Few tales that I can offer would be a good substitute for a few minutes of "experiencing" Chris in person. Anyone who knows him will understand what I'm trying to say.

Anyway... Chris was very good friends with Janet when we all met. In fact, he had recently been dating her. That proved to be quite amusing later when she and I began dating, but that's another story entirely.

Chris is always a cool person to be around. He keeps us entertained. I think Chris falls into what I'd call there Prout-Table perimeter. He is around sometimes, and other times we can go for several weeks without seeing him--but that's the great thing about us. In his own words:

My memory of Prout-Table is less a one time event than a continuous thing:

I remember that each time I walked up to Prout Table somebody would look up and shout out "Chris!" and then everyone would say hi and make me feel welcome as I swooped in to find a seat. That's what I think of when I think of Prout-Table. The group of you were always very inclusive, and ever willing to assimilate more folk into your number. You didn't place requirements on your friendships--you accepted people as they were, and invited them to participate in your activities without becoming critical of them if they decided to do something else. I really think that that was your spirit--that group of people sitting together who would shout out in glee to welcome friends as they walked by, and who would allow outsiders to sit with you without making them uncomfortable.

I was always an honorary Prout-Table person, but every time I hung out with you I felt like I was a full member of your group. You had that ability--to use inside jokes and your own specialized vocabulary without walling anyone who didn't know that vocabulary out.

Chris Bernard

That said, Chris is as much a part of Prout-Table as anyone. Luckily, he is still able to keep in touch with us via e-mail (and even hang out with us on semi-rare occasions) eventhough he's in "the real world" now--with a job and all.

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Updated: April 4th, 1997