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Jeremy Zawodny: "Z"

Pictured: Jeremy Zawodny (ME!).

The three words or phrases that describe me:

I must admit that I'm gonna keep this brief, 'cause it's kind of strange to be writing about myself in this style. I'm really not sure what to write, so it's a good thing that Anne, Kacky, and Mel got together and came up with something to contribute.

In the tradition of AA, "My name is Jeremy, and I'm a Computer Geek." It's true. I've been this way ever since my parents made the mistake of buying me a Commodore 64 so long ago. (Ah, the good ole' days.) I'll be graduating soon with a BS in Computer Science, I have held several computer-related jobs throughout college, I love flannel, and I will be starting a new computer geek job in June.

As everyone in Prout Table knows, I'm easily amused. So much so that I was once caught playing with a tape dispenser. That's right, I was happily tapping the tape, watching it bounce up and down, and repeating it over and over (for a good 5-10 minutes at least) when I should have been doing something else (like programming). Ever since that got out (thanks, Justin), I've never been able to live it down.

I think that my membership in Team Slow is largely due to the fact that I'm easily amused and/or distracted. That sure would explain a lot.

I suppose I should to a quick summary of my time here at BGSU in a terse but readable form:

Freshman Year

I came to BGSU in the Fall of 1992 after graduating from St. John's High School in Toledo, Ohio. At the time, I was dating Janet, and rooming with Tom on the third floor of the legendary Darrow Hall. On my first day of English 112H, I met Stephanie. About 1/2 way through the year, I got a job working for University Computer Services, where I have worked ever since, and will until graduation.

Sophomore Year

Roomed with Tom on the first floor of Darrow Hall. Met Justin, Mike, Jer, and other parts of Prout Table. Wasted most of my life away in my office in Hayes Hall (with the company of Justin who I help to get hired as well). Sigh. Selected Astronomy as my minor.

Junior Year

Roomed with Justin on the second floor of Darrow Hall. Got Brandt a job working for Computer Services. Jer and Schaub lived down the hall. Took a semester (spring) off of school to work my first co-op as a Systems Programmer for the Department of Computer Science and make lots of money doing so.

Senior Year #1

Moved off-campus with Janet to Third Street. Nearly broke my right ankle "walking" down the stairs in the Math Science building (I worked for the Math Department for a while). Doh! Broke up with Janet later that year. Actually she broke up with me. Janet moved out, and I got the place to myself. Became lonely. Double Doh!

Had the 1st annual New Year's Eve Party at Anne's house in Columbus.

Went to the Rec. Center regularly with Justin and Schaub in an attempt to become more healthy. Got my second co-op working part time at Marathon Oil doing web stuff (big surprise, right?).

Went on Spring Break trip with most of Prout Table to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Weeks later, I attended the wedding of Jer and Chris. Not long after that, I watched most of my friends graduate and scatter to different parts of the state to continue their lives in graduate school or the "real" world.

Senior Year #2

Moved in with Tom on second street, across the hall from Kacky and Mel. Prout Table has sort of shrunk a bit. It's just Me, Anne, Kacky, Mel, and Brandt in BG. We've sort of adopted Scott Gaddis (Kristin's brother).

Had the 2nd annual New Year's Eve Party at Anne's house in Columbus.

I've finally started working on my Honors Project (you're reading it) and hope to have it done soon so that I can graduate and begin my new job out in Chicago.


How things change. I'm no longer going to Chicago. I'm staying in Bowling Green, Ohio so that I can work full-time for Marathon. Long story.

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Updated: May 2nd, 1997