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Letter to Z

The following is the result of my not knowing what I'd write about myself. Anne, Kacky, and Mel teamed up and wrote me a letter to include here.

Dear Z,

Throughout this year and the years we've known you, your friendship has meant many things to us. You've kept things silly while helping us through the rough times; you've known just when to listen and when to talk; you've been a dinner companion and a drinking buddy; you've taught us to look up at the sky and yet keep our feet on the ground.

As last year ended with a mass graduation, you along with Anne and Kacky huddled together at graduation in the cold and rain. As you all warmed up together with cinnamon rolls and cocoa in your apartment, we caught a glimpse of what the next year would bring. When Kacky and Mel returned only a week later, you made them feel at home in their new place with dinner and a movie.

Most of our strongest memories have been from this year. With the BG Prout faction down to four, we spent a lot of our free time (what's that?) together and counted on each other for a lot of support. Much of our stress has been released through horrible cases of the giggles which were brought on by tickle attacks, pillow fights, water fights and indoor snowball fights.

In college one of the loneliest times can be during meals. Because of this we made eating together an integral part of our lives and in doing so many of our memories revolve around food. (We aren't pigs, really!) Who can forget how one guy took three women out to dinner at Mountain Jack's; or how we drove an hour to Ann Arbor in a snowstorm to go to Macaroni Grill; or how our battle cry became "SKITTLES!"? There were other times such as our Sunday morning breakfasts, trips to Junction, Pisanello's, BW3's, Pollyeye's (yummy breadsticks!), and numerous dinners with your family. Grilling, toasting marshmallows in November, picking apples, Tuesday and Thursday night dinners, Towers (spending Anne's meal card money).... and eating at Prout Table (but of course). Oh, and by the way can we have your recipes for grilled cheese (the right way) and spaghetti?

Every kid wants a puppy for Christmas and thanks to you, us three little kids each got one. Picture this..... Bowling Green, it's Christmas time 1996. One box (that you took out of the freezer) set between three Christmas crazed, curious women. We all glanced at each other --dramatic pause-- and simultaneously six hands tore into the wrapping paper. Inside were three adorable Dalmatian puppies. (OK so they weren't real but they are really cute!) Every time we see one of them we remember that Christmas celebration and through them will always remember each other and our special times. Thanks Z!!!

These special times are also remembered every time we listen to the tapes you made us. There have been lots of times when you played DJ. and set the mood through music. Some of these times have been silly, like the two times your C.D. rack got knocked over. But most of the time the mood was set through the sounds of the music not through the sound of C.D.'s hitting the floor.

You've shared so much with us over the years that it would be impossible to list everything. We can't even count the number of times we have borrowed your box, nor can we forget how you managed the adopting of the baby box. Your fuzzy blanket is the best, but one of the coolest things you've shared has been your teddy bear, Poof. Whenever one of us is having a rough day a Poof hug makes it all go away. However, on the roughest of days, when "it" just won't go away, you've always been there to listen, whether it is for an hour or four, or even when you had homework or needed sleep you still gave us your time. Whether just listening, making us laugh, or calming our fears we appreciate it.

Z appreciation day wasn't enough we wanted to say much more and that is what this letter is for.

Never go far! We Love You!!

Big Hug from Anne, Kacky, and Mel.

Jeremy D. Zawodny / jzawodn@bgnet.bgsu.edu

Updated: April 12th, 1997