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What We Learned...

When I first began this project (about a year ago), I asked myself "What did we learn from Prout Table?" and here is the short list I came up with.

Mookie taught us about driving just for the sake of talking.

Kacky taught us to look on the bright side and smile.

Justin taught us to make cannons.

Aaron taught us to drink and to make drinks.

Tom taught us something about reality.

Janet taught us to go after what we really want--no matter where it takes us.

Tyler taught us about the color purple.

Mel taught us to slap our friends (in a loving manner, of course).

Chris (Mom) taught us to behave ourselves--unless we're really pissed!

Anne taught us to laugh at ourselves.

Brandt taught us that the world sucks but that it's still funny...

Sam taught us the ways of the sloth.

Stephanie taught us to take a stand.

Jer taught us to watch cartoons no matter how old we are.

Z taught us to cross the line and never look back.

Many of us learned to do crossword puzzles.

We learned the Animaniacs theme song.

"Yes! Have some."

We learned that the Van can make it up the hill.

We learned to sing American Pie, and what it really means.

We learned that it's okay to skip class--just ask at the table.

We learned that Poof just needed a bath.

We learned about "the box" whether we wanted to or not.

We learned how to laugh and love from Prout Table.

We learned what friends really are.

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Updated: April 20th, 1997