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Our Memories...

Remember when...

This section is filled with things we remember, both good and bad. Much of what is here is "inside information" meaning that outsiders will not understand or appreciate much of it. In some select cases, however, the one-liner, blurbs, and pictures have been annotated and embellished by a few of us. I could endeavor to explain ALL of them, but then this would become more of a book...

Basically, I just asked the People of Prout Table to make a list of their memories as "one liners" and give me the lists. After sorting them a bit, this is what we came up with:

In Darrow

At Lunch


Thursday Nights

Fun & Games


Spring Break

What We Learned...

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Jeremy D. Zawodny / jzawodn@bgnet.bgsu.edu

Updated: April 20th, 1997