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Jeremy's Japan Trip Travel Log

This is the table of contents (so to speak) for the travel log.

(You might also want to check out the list of other amusing stuff that has evolved out of the trip. Or not.)

Day #0 (Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999): Are We There Yet?
We spent all of this day in the air. Because of crossing the international dateline, nothing interesting happened until the next day.

Day #1 (Thursday, June 24rd, 1999): We Made It!
We landed. We rode. We got money. We ate.

Day #2 (Friday, June 25th, 1999): Baby Buddha in Box in Big Blue Book-bag...
We went to Kamakura. We passed Wadazuka. We saw Trains, Buddhas, Rain, and more...

Day #3 (Saturday, June 26th, 1999): Chilled, Gilled, and Gutted
To the Tokyo fish market! And on the harbor tour.

Day #4 (Sunday, June 27th, 1999): Pictionary at the local Hospital
We started the day with Champagne and Seafood. We then moved on to a local hospital. And we finished off in the hotel bar.

Day #5 (Monday, June 28th, 1999): Tokyo
A day in Tokyo...

Day #6 (Tuesday, June 29th, 1999): Geek Day
Geek Day (and some poop)

Day #7 (Wednesday, June 30th, 1999): Rainy Lazy Day
Just hangin' out and doin' not a lot of nuthin'...

Day #8 (Thursday, July 1st, 1999): The Road to Kyoto
Checkin' out the more scenic aspects of the Japan landscape.

Day #9 (Friday, July 2nd, 1999): Kyoto on Foot
Palaces, people, shrines, temples, gardens, and rain (of course).

Day #10 (Saturday, July 3rd, 1999): More Rain & the Ride Back
We got rained out of or second day in Kyoto.

Day #11 (Sunday, July 4th, 1999): July 4th BBQ
A traditional American July 4th BBQ with a some of Kristin's students on hand.

Day #12 (Monday, July 5th, 1999): Hakone Park
One big tourist trap. We ate eggs. We rode on the pirate ship.

Day #13 (Tuesday, July 6th, 1999): Heading Home
We made it back.

Closing Thoughts
It's been a few weeks. Looking back, it was a very good trip.

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