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Other Amusing Stuff

Japan Trip Folklore & Amusing Stuff

Random Stuff

This is mostly a list of random one-liner stuff that won't be funny unless (1) you were part of the experience, or (2) you like trying to imagine the circumstances that might have created these. Some of these were spoken. Others were not (for good reason).

Divine Wind

This is rather amusing and quite juvenile...

I bought a bandana for Poof (the magic Teddy bear). At the store where I found it they had many to choose from. Each one had some Kanji characters printed on it. There were signs by each of them with the English translations so that the dumb tourists (like us) could figure out which one(s) to buy.

The one I eventually settled on for Poof said: "Kamikaze (Divine Wind)"

This amused us greatly (at least the males among us) because it sounded like a fancy way of saying fart of the gods, or something like that.

As time went on, we started to put pieces from various days together. We eventually decided that a Divine Wind is what immediately precedes a Holy Shit. The Holy Shit is the big golden turd. And the golden turd must have come from the big Buddha (which is why the made it golden). And, of course, the logical thing to follow-up a Holy Shit is a Royal Flush.

So the condensed version is:

Divine Wind -> Holy Shit (the big golden turd) -> Royal Flush

And you probably never wanted to know.

Vending Machine Beer




Smut Girl


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