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Day #9 - Friday, July 2nd, 1999

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Kyoto on Foot

Here comes the rain again...

Our one day reprieve was up. The rain hit again on Friday morning. We got up butt-early and caught the 9:00am hotel shuttle bus to Kyoto Station (which is quite big and confusing) where we bought two-day tourist travel passes. They cost 2,000 Yen each and gave us unlimited use of the trains, busses, and subway in Kyoto.

Shrines, Temples, Gardens, and Denim

Once we had oriented ourselves at Kyoto station, we hopped on a bus and took in the scenery. We saw lots of shrines, temples, gardens and more. I took lots of pictures.

Early in the day, Aaron and I were really tired dragging our butts for no good reason. But we found a vending machine that served coffee. It was cold coffee, but that was good enough for us. We indulged and felt better for doing so.

For lunch we hit the Kyoto Handicraft Center's buffet and filled up. We then entered our daily food coma and wandered to the other five floors of the building to do a little shopping.

We found swords. I decided that I wanted swords. But we decided to wait.

While exiting a bus after lunch on the way to another local attraction, I caught sight of someone I quickly nicknamed "Denim Girl." I'll say no more than that on the subject.


At the end of the day, we went back to the Kyoto Handicraft Center. I bought swords. And I got other gifts for people--people who will probably end up reading this.


Back at the hotel, we broke out the food we had in the cooler (bread, meat, cheese, grapes, carrots, etc.) and made our own dinners. Sure beat the stuff we had the night before (for the money).

Bed Gravity

After dinner, Aaron, Kristin, Kacky, and Scott all laid on the beds watching a soccer game and generally succumbing to the effects of Bed Gravity while I typed this stuff and prepared the 130+ pictures I had taken in Kyoto so far.

I'm going to bed now.

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