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Day #1 - Thursday, June 24rd, 1999

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We Made It!

Eventually we got there. After crossing over the dateline at some point, we were still finishing up "breakfast" food when we noticed the plane was beginning to descend. And before we knew it, we were in the landing pattern for Tokyo's Narita airport.

The Weather

Getting off the plane, we had to walk down a set of stairs and get onto a bus that would take us to the terminal. We were knocked in the face with blowing rain, humid air which was roughly 75 degrees warm.

The Airport

The odd thing about Narita airport is that it is very quiet inside. The natives apparently don't talk much in there. So out group would have been very easy to find.

The Ride

Once we got our bags, made it through customs, and found Aaron and Kristin (all of which was quite easy) we boarded a bus headed for the Camp Zama area. The ride was interesting because it took us through a good chunk of Tokyo. Lots of interesting stuff to look at and more babbling on the bus.

I should mention that I'm writing this after having gone over 24 hours with no sleep. So I may have to edit it later so that it actually makes sense.)

The House

We made it Aaron & Kristin's house. Here's a distant picture and a slightly closer one. It's not full of luggage and people.

The ATM and Yen

On our way to dinner, we stopped at the local ATM to withdraw some Yen. Because the exchange rate is about 119 Yen per Dollar, I took out 15,000 Yen. It's very odd to put a number as big as 15000 into and ATM and only get 3 bills back.


After we got loaded up with the local currency, we walked to a local establishment for dinner where Aaron was able to wow us with his mastery of the local lingo.

What did we eat? We had some Kimuchi (which is cold, spicy cabbage stuff). Our main course was Gyoza. I'll actually describe it later. When I'm not tired.

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