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Day #0 - Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999

Are We There Yet?

Well, it all started quite innocently. Scott and I woke up damned early in the morning (roughly 6:00am) at my parents house and slowly began to motivate ourselves for the trip up to Detroit Airport. We eventually hit the road (thanks for driving, Mom) and made it to the International Terminal in Detroit with lots of time to spare--enough time to discover that Northwest Airlines International departures actually leave from the domestic terminal. I never really did understand the airlines.

So, we ventured to the other terminal, checked in, and made our way to the gate. Along the way we passed Cinnabuns, a place that sells yummie cinnamon rolls.

After Scott, Mom, and I hung out at the gate for a while, Kacky appeared and we babbled for quite a long time. Our plane showed up on time so we got on and took off eventually.

Amusements and Annoyances

Riding on a 747-400 was fun. It's a really big plane. Without going into lots of detail on the inside jokes and other stuff that you really had to be there for, here are a few lists...

Things that amused us:

Things that annoyed us:

And since we were crossing the international dateline, that's about all there is to say about today.

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