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Day #2 - Friday, June 25th, 1999

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Baby Buddha in Box in Big Blue Book-bag...

Don't ask.

We got up after a good night's sleep. After the morning rituals, we walked to the local train station in a light rain and headed for Kamakura to see the Big Buddha (and other stuff).

Are we in a foreign country?

Ridding on the train system in Japan is interesting as an American without dark hair. Looking around the train cars, you quickly realize that you're WAY in the minority. Not only are a few of us graced with non-black hair, we are also a fair amount taller than the average citizen. Since we were traveling as a group of five, the effect is dulled a bit--but not too much.

The Weather

The weather started out wet and only got wetter. Luckily we had some protection with us. It rained all day long. It didn't really stop. We got very very wet.


After some fun navigating the Japanese train system, we made our way to the Buddha. Not only did we get to see the Buddha, we got pictures of the Buddha, and we even got to go inside the Buddha!


After the Buddha trip, we hopped back on the train and rode down a few stops. Along the way we passed the stop for Wadazuka. Wadazuka in and of itself is nothing special (that we know of). I quickly became attached to the name Wadazuka when I realized that you could use it to express virtually any human emotion--it's just a matter of using the right pronunciation and putting emphasis on the right syllables. It's kind of like the way many folks use "Dude"


Once we passed Wadazuka we got off in Kamakura and headed to Hasedera (The Hase Kannon Temple). As we went through the gate, we took note of the following warning:

No Smoking.
No Bonfire.

The moral of the story: Some translations are amusing.

At the temple, we got to sniff the incense, check out the temple, graves, gardens, and various other stuff.


After Hasedera, we wandered around a bit trying to find the Hachiman-gu temple as the rain picked up quite a bit. We eventually made it there, but were rather soaked, so we didn't hang out long or take many pictures. Oh, well. Sometimes it rains a lot.

Stupid Pet Tricks

Upon returning back to the Schaub homestead after a few more train rides, Aaron poured us some good Scotch and I pulled out the laser pointer. We very quickly derived the following formula:

Scotch + Laser Pointer + Unix (the dog) = Lots of Fun

Eventually we decided to get some food and stay indoors for the rest of the evening.

What an American Evening

So what did we do? It was a Friday night. We had to eat. We needed entertainment. Soooo....

We ordered pizza and went to see Star Wars.

Yes. We came all the way to Japan so that we could spend our Friday night eating pizza and watching Star Wars. Aren't we American? :-)

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