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Day #7 - Wednesday, June 30th, 1999

Rainy Lazy Day

How's the Weather

When we went to bed on Tuesday night it was raining. When I first woke up it was raining. The second time I woke up it was raining. The third time I had woken up it was blowing like mad, but the rain had finally stopped. An hour or so later, the rain started back up with a fury.

There are mountains out here...

After some breakfast, dog entertainment, and other morning stuff, Aaron and I headed to Zama so that he could return his defective monitor, pick up some stamps, and get the mail. While out driving around, I had noticed something very odd. There was some blue stuff between the clouds. It seemed a bit odd at first until I realized that it was something called sky.

Out where the sky and clouds met I was able to see the local mountains for the first time (and we've only been here a week). It was cool to finally see some of the local geography.

The Land of the Rising Sun

Well, believe it or not, the Sun finally came out. After lounging around the house for quite a while we managed to muster the energy to take the dogs for a walk. While we were out we saw the strangest thing--the Sun!

I'm finally starting to believe Aaron & Kristin's claims of "It was beautiful here the whole week before you arrived" and such.

Wings and Beer

Dinner time. Aaron whipped up a batch of his wings and homemade beer. We had some of the beer last night so that wasn't anything new, but the wings were a first-time experience. They were good wings. And this is coming from someone who hasn't had wings in well over a year.

Tire the Dogs

After the food was gone and we were sufficiently full, I grabbed the laser pointer and lead Unix (the dog) out to the front yard to play a game of chase the dot in what I thought would be a futile attempt to tire her out. Amazingly, I got her to lay down after running around the yard for a solid 5 minutes or so.

Mission accomplished.

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