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Day #6 - Tuesday, June 29th, 1999

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Geek Day

A million ways to say "dump"...

We started the day with a quick dump and headed to breakfast. (You'll hear more about dumping later. Scott is fixated on poop-related humor, so it came up a lot during the trip.)

In the meantime, here are the euphemisms for dumping we've come up with so far:

Electronics Everywhere

After breakfast, the males and females split up. We headed to Akihabara, which is full of electronics and computer junk type stores. We hopped off the subway, did a bit of searching, and managed to find ourselves in the middle of Geek Heaven.

We had reached the Promised Land!

So we spent a few hours too many wandering around the electronics area like a couple of little kids in the world's largest candy and toy store.

Boat Trip

Once we had realized that we'd be in big trouble with the women if we spent any longer looking at the toys, we headed to meet them at the designated place and were promptly greeted with stares of dissatisfaction and questions like "where have you been?"

After we put up with the harassment we deserved, the five of us headed toward the water so that we could hop on a boat and ride down the river, passing under no less that twelve bridges along the way.

Leaving Tokyo

After we hopped off the boat, we made our way back to a nearby subway station, back to the hotel, and headed for home.

Good Shrimp

When dinner time arrived, we made our way to a small local place that served mostly Chinese food. We all had a different variety of Gyoza with our main courses.

I don't remember exactly what everyone else ordered, but I was sure to have something with shrimp in it. And it was some of the best shrimp I've ever had. Even though the dish was hot, the chef knew just when to add the shrimp to the dish so that it'd still be crispy when I bit into it.

That was some good shrimp.

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