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Day #12 - Monday, July 5th, 1999

Hakone Park

A Late Start

We got up early for the trip to Hakone park. However, our departure was delayed by dealing with the after-effects of the July 4th BBQ and all the beans we ate. Alas, Aaron & Kristin only have one bathroom. So we were delayed a bit.

Modes of Transportation

One of the amusing things about our day in Hakone is that we utilized several different modes of transportation. We walked, rode a train, rode a boat, rode a bus, rode an up-the-mountain train, and even rode one of those sky-lift things (looks like a bucket hanging from a cable--what are those actually called?).

Open-Air Museum

There is an outdoor museum called the Hakone Open-Air Museum. We wandered around and looked at the odd sculptures, art work, and other odd things on display. There are lots of pictures in the Hakone area of the picture gallery.

Sulfur Eggs

At the top of one of the mountains, there is an area of natural sulphur springs. Hot, smelly water.

Since the water is naturally heated quite hot, there's a place where you can buy hard-boiled eggs (500 yen for 6 eggs) to eat as you stare out over the sulphur steam clouds. So we had to much on some eggs. They don't taste any different than normal hard-boiled eggs, but they are black on the outside which makes it look like you're eating something much nastier until you peel the shell away.

The Pirate Ships

After getting our dose of sulphur for the year, we found our way to the big lake (which is actually an old volcanic crater that's really deep). We wandered around the gift shop and eventually boarded a tacky looking pirate ship for the ride across the lake.


After making it back to the house (long bus and train rides), we headed out for dinner. It was sushi night. I had octopus (among other things). Just for the record, octopus is really chewey.

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