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Sam Dean: "Sloth"

Pictured: Sam Dean.

The three words or phrases that best describe Sam:

Much like Tom, I've known Sam since high school. I couldn't tell you how or when I actually met Sam--as far as I can remember, he was always there. Sam was a fairly visible person at school. The more I came to know about him, the more I began to admire him.

Sam always seemed to have time for things: talking with friends, going to sporting events, doing volunteer work, and so on. He was a part of so many things that it was kind of mind-boggling. If that wasn't enough, Sam managed to get some of the highest grades in the school (very close to a 4.0, if I believe). I was never sure when he managed to do his homework.

I somehow got the impression that Sam never studied but still managed to do incredibly well in all of his classes. This totally amazed me, and I was quite jealous of him for it. It was a cool thing, though. This is why I have always thought of him as a very intelligent person. Either he never slept, or he had a knack for picking things up a lot faster than most people.

Mookie adds:

Clarification: He never slept. Actually, it was just that he never slept the night before tests, always intending to do overnights -- of course, he'd usually wind up watching a movie with the "girl of the month," be it Stephanie, Becky, or Shannon...

As time went on, I got to know Sam a lot more during our junior and senior years. (I think I got to know most people a lot more during those years.) He and I had the privilege of being leaders for the first senior Kairos retreat our year as well as the freshmen retreat. He and I were in many of the same classes, we were on Executive Student Council together, and generally just saw a lot more of each other.

After high school graduation, we didn't see much of each other (that I remember) for a couple of years. I mean, he and I lived in the same res. hall and that sort of stuff, but we hung out in different places and with different people for the most part--or so I thought.

I don't know if this is right, but I remember being at Prout-Table one afternoon and something like the following happened... Either he or I was already there--meaning that one of us got there before the other (not a tough concept). In any case, when we both found ourselves there at the same time, it was sort of like "Hey... How ya been? Haven't seen you for a while... Oh, and what are you doing here?"

It was as if we both felt like we were friends with the same group of people and had somehow been missing each other for a while. In any case, it was amusing when we were there together, because we could talk about our high school years to the amusement of all others in attendance.

At some point Sam and Kacky were dating (or something like that) for a while... This is another one of the relationships that few of us understand--but for different reasons than the Tom and Steph thing.

Oh, I should probably say something about how Sam got the nickname "Sloth" or at least what I know of it. Sam somehow became fascinated with sloths (the animals). One day at lunch, while discussing sloths, we somehow happened upon the idea that Sam's lifestyle (or preferred lifestyle, at least) was very similar to that of a sloth. That's mostly due to Sam's overpowering laziness and indecisiveness (this isn't meant to offend Sam--he openly admits this). It's kind of amusing at times.

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