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Eating Steak

"Mmmmm Steak..."

by Aaron Schaub

This little interlude takes place during the much publicized and hyped up Prout Table Spring Break Trip.

I think that it was about the first full day that Prout was at the cabin and three young men by the names of Jeremy Zawodny, Brandt Fundak, and Aaron Schaub were tasked with the manly task of cooking the fajita meat and other miscellaneous beef products out on the grill on the porch.

As with all activities that Spring Break there was alcohol involved. It was just a testosterone rich environment out on that porch. First of all there were three guys. These guys were outside in the mountains of Tennessee in the fresh air. These guys had started a fire to cook red meat for the rest of the group. And to crown it all off there was plenty of beer and a camcorder present. If there hadn’t been women folk present and we had been in the woods we probably would have been running naked and peeing on the fire. OK, maybe we wouldn’t have run around naked.

Anyway, it was a beautiful evening and our three testosterone engorged heroes decided to eat their steaks outside on the porch while the rest of the non-testosterone engorged Prout Members ate their fajitas inside. Well, now you had three testosterone-engorged men, well on their way to being tanked out on the porch eating the red meat that they had just cooked themselves on an open flame. In a situation like this the conversation always digresses to the subject of sex and true to for this occasion was no different.

Pictured: Jeremy (left) and Brandt (right) eating steak and enjoying it. To see a larger version, just click on the image.

Our three drunken heroes talked about which celebrities they thought were hot then this led to some women they knew who look like the celebrities, and then they talked about what they did with these women they knew or what they wish they had done with these women. Inevitably this discussion led to the subject of oral sex. I think the actual term used was "blowjobs."

Brandt took command of this part of the conversation. Brandt claimed that bliss would be getting a hummer while drinking a good beer and eating a good steak. Jeremy and Aaron agreed that that would in fact be pretty hard to beat but one would have to be careful to cutting himself or poking himself in the eye with his fork. From that moment on whenever either of these three want to refer to sex in general and blowjobs in particular all they had to do was refer to steak in some way, shape, or form.

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Updated: April 20th, 1997