October 11, 2002

Made it to Ohio

The trip to Ohio was relatively uneventful. Flew from SJC to ORD to TOL. Jamie Farr was on the plane from ORD to TOL.

Setup the WAP11 at my parent's house. My ThinkPad and TiBook are on the network just fine. Dad's cable modem service is decent.

I got up really early to help get off California time and on to Ohio time.

I should wander the house with the notebook and test signal strength.

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Heading to Ohio

Blogging will be light over the weekend, as I'll be hanging out with family in Ohio.

Damn. It's gonna get chilly on Sunday. I guess I should pack some jeans with my shorts, huh?

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October 10, 2002

Leaving Y! Finance

Since it has been announced internally at work, I figure it's safe to let the few other people who might care know. In the relatively near future, I'll be leaving Y! Finance and moving to Y! Search. So, no--I'm not leaving Yahoo! I'm just going to be working on different problems with different people.

It should be quite an interesting new role.

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You are all welcome

Based on this page and this story, YHOO is driving the Nasdaq up. YHOO itself is up over 20% right now.

So there. :-)

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October 09, 2002

Twilight Zone

My Tivo has been picking up the Twilight Zone for the last few weeks. I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. It reminds me of the old ones. It's good to have it back on the air.

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Missing Fleet Week

I'll be in Ohio this weekend for a family gathering, so I'll be missing Fleet Week (Google can't find a good "official site"). Damn. I've wanted to see the Blue Angles again. Wow, that site sucks. And Google couldn't find it easily by searching for "blue angles." I had to specify "navy blue angles." Yahoo, on the other hand, knew exactly what I wanted.

I did catch them flying formation over Moffett on the way to work yesterday. I believe they were preparing to land. Oh, well. Next time, I guess.

UPDATE: Uhm, yeah. I'm a moron. Just read the comments below. I could just delete this story entirely, but why bother? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has even mis-spelled a search term and then become upset with the search engine for not Doing The Right Thing. Right?

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Good Earnings Report

Yeay! We had a good earnings report at work today. There was much happiness and a good party after the news. I'm not quite sure how we managed that, but we're still making money.

I had the distinction of being the only employee to ask a question of our executive team that required all five of them to attempt an answer. I guess that means it was a good question.

Oh, and being thanked by Filo during the discussion of remember.yahoo.com was cool too.

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October 07, 2002

Penis Puppets

According to this story on Y! News, "Jay Leno has booked two men who are famous worldwide for shaping their penises into fast food icons and landmarks."

Who'd have thought...

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Cheap Tricks Yahoo News Should Steal from the NYT

From Mediasavvy:

On a Saturday the New York Times technology news page and Yahoo's technology news page are very similar in content, but could not be more different in design. The differences are telling.

I especially like the font rant.

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MySQL 4.1 Source Tree Available

If you like to live on the bleeding edge and play with code that's not yet ready for prime-time, good news! You can now get the MySQL 4.1 source tree. The only real difference from the 3.23 and 4.0 trees is the port number. It is 7004.

Well, there are differences in the code itself, but getting the code is just as easy:

bk clone bk://work.mysql.com:7004 mysql-4.1

And start compiling.

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A Watched Server Never Breaks

For the past week, I've been waiting for one of my FreeBSD servers to reproduce a problem we've been seeing with MySQL + LinuxThreads. This particular machine is running a custom build of MySQL 4.0.4 (or MySQL 404, as I like to call it). So far, no problem. Why? Probably because I'm watching... waiting... and waiting...

A week ago, I couldn't keep the server from shitting itself every 12 hours. Now it's been up for almost 5 days.

How annoying.

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