August 13, 2003

Just for the record...


  • You are foolish enough to attempt parking in San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon
  • You park sloppily, such that your car is blocking 4 inches of someone's driveway
  • They call the police to complain
  • The police come and find your car there


  • They fine you $75 for the trouble

This concludes tonight's Public Service Announcement. The check is in the mail.

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Intel withdraws sponsorship of SCO trade show

From Bruce Perens:

For the past several months, Intel had been listed as "Gold Sponsor" of "SCO Forum 2003", SCO's Las Vegas trade show. Now, Intel appears to have quietly withdrawn its support for the show. SCO's web site, at , has replaced Intel with CRN as "Gold Sponsor. Press organizations like CRN generally don't have big bucks on hand for trade show sponsorship, and I surmise that they are listed there only as a place-holder to prevent embarassment for SCO.
HP is still listed as "Premier Sponsor" of the SCO event, despite criticism from just about everyone associated with Linux and Open Source.


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These are not the droids you're looking for...

Move along.

(...waves hand...)

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