August 14, 2003

Can it, dude.

Someone at work had a Really Dumb Idea[tm] and I was gonna write about it. But I found that JR did a good job of that already, so go read his comments.

Yes, apparently it was someones hyperactive brainchild to draw attention to the need for all us happy employees to recycle. Mind you, these are the same employees that stuff their Hummers into compact spots, litter the bathroom floor with print-outs from, leave piles of dirty dishes beneath "Don't leave your freaking dishes here you moron!" signs.


A day in the life of a Yahoo.

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Do they really work?

We've all seen the ads. And we've all wondered if they really do work. But few of us ever try them. Even fewer document their experience on a weblog.

That's right, we're talking about Penis Enlargement Pills.

Over on Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work? you can follow one man's experience, starting from day #1 when he took the baseline measurements.

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The Blackout Moblog


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Shutting Down

I expect the power outage to catch up with this machine shortly. The UPS will only last so long. So I'm gonna shut down and let someone power it back up when this is over.

That's twice in the last month.

See Also: Downtime

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Happy Birthday Kasia

Everyone head over to her blog and leave a birthday comment in one of her entries. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Just try not to spam her referer logs along the way.

No, I won't tell you how old she is now. That's her job. :-)

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MovableType for Site Management

Over the past few months I've been reading more and more comments about how great MovableType is for managing stuff other than strictly weblogs. It's Perl, it's flexibly, it's hackable, etc. Spend a few minutes on Feedster and I'm sure you'll see some of it.

I believe it all. I'm a big MT fan. In fact, I'm helping someone launch some new MT-based sites soon.

But I hadn't seen much in the way of "here's one cool hack/thing you can do..." that helps to demonstrate the fact. Head over to Dylan Tweney's weblog. In his Movable Type blogroll he explains a simple trick he uses to let MT help manage his blogroll.

Dylan's a very smart guy. You should be reading his stuff if you're not already. And I'm not just saying that because I'm on his blogroll!

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