August 12, 2003

That Annoying E-Mail Your Family Sends

Over on a Word Soup, Karl rants about that stupid e-mail. You know, the meaningless time wasting crap that some of my friends and family seem all to happy to send me.

No, asshat. Playing with lesbians in jello is fun. What you sent me is fun if you're a slightly retarded third grader so pumped with Ritalin his eyes look like storm clouds. You might as well have sent me a "Hello Kitty" screensaver for all the difference I can see.....
I understand you're amused. Good job. But know your target audience. We've spent billions on fiber optic network infrastructure and you, with the intellectual capacity of a pine cone, use it to perform the electronic equivalent of a fart joke. Well established. But please; don't e-mail me anymore.

Go read the whole thing. It's classic.

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So Tired

Don't know why.

So I'm being unproductive.

This sucks.

Grr. I have much to do.

Posted by jzawodn at 12:15 PM