Yeah, thanks to a remarkably short connection in Chicago, my luggage is still [apparently] there. The flight that arrives at 10pm should have it on board. But these are airlines, so I'm not gonna bet on anything.

Murphy never sleeps.

In related news, there's no snow on the ground here and it's not as cold as I expected. I even timed things so that I missed the big quake in California.

Posted by jzawodn at December 22, 2003 05:35 PM

Reader Comments
# Charles said:

I just picked up my sister at the airport, she had straight connecting flights, but somehow her checked luggage got sent on a different plane that arrived long before she did. I don't see how this is possible, and I sure as hell can't figure out why the airline would do such a thing, or even why they'd think this was desirable..

on December 23, 2003 12:03 AM
# Ben said:

Holy Toledo!

on December 23, 2003 01:09 AM
# kasia said:

Is beating your luggage considered domestic abuse?

on December 23, 2003 08:51 AM
# david said:

Its your luggage playing some sort of psychological warfare on your mind. They're even plotting your downfall as they sit right now.

"Hmm, hey Joe, what flight should we hop on next year? The flight before or after he gets there?"

on December 23, 2003 12:08 PM
# jr said:

Yep, nothing better than spending four hours in an airplane, only to spend another eighteen hours driving to a completely abandoned new england resort in the middle of freaking winter. Yes-sir-ee, If you're looking for Hell on Earth, there's nothing like that.

(Yeah, fine, delete mine too Jeremy)

on December 23, 2003 02:13 PM
# Ben said:

Hell on Earth, lol.

on December 23, 2003 03:08 PM
# LC said:

Typical Ohio weather...warmer now that it is winter...go figure! It was cold and snowin' & a blowin' a week or two ago when it was still Fall!

on December 24, 2003 07:50 AM
# LC said:

Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, "Have a PEACEFUL" Holiday this year!!


on December 24, 2003 07:56 AM
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