I've added a new blog category: Yahoo. Why? Because occasionally I post stuff about work, so I might as well categorize. Plus, some private e-mail has convinced me that it might be a good idea. (You know who you are. I think.)

Now let's see if I can not be stupid about what I use it for.

Posted by jzawodn at September 25, 2002 10:31 PM

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# tomath2o said:

> Luckily, I know the folks behind the scenes at Yahoo! BillPay.

Izzat so...

Any idea why it has been down for the last week?

The Security Key thingie gives "Server Not Found".
I get no response from the helpdesk.

...can I start a rumor about insolvency? ;-)


on November 23, 2002 07:06 AM
# John DeBruyn said:

Hi guys:

Yahoo could take a very small step and put some steam into its YahooGroups by building upon the blog-like section of each discussion group's home page which is headed "Most Recent Messages." This section is a almost a blog-style listing of the messages, newest first, but with just the subject line and first line of the body of each message.

Yahoo could make the "Most Recent Messages" section more blog-like by including in addition to the subject line the first several lines of each message which would give the reader a better idea of what was being said.

Besides more lines for each message, Yahoo could consider giving the group's owner the option of:

1) reversing possition of the body of the description--the 2000 character space about the group--with the MRM section making it the most important part of the page.

2) dropping messages out of the first five so that
there would be only be one message representative of each thread or series of messages with the same subject line.

3) freezing the messages displayed, so that new messages would back up waiting to move into the five that are displayed, only those selected by the owner would be displayed and the others could be deselected.

4) editing text and/or selecting which 4 or so lines of the message are to be displayed.

5) permit the owner to have others with moderator priveleges limited to tweaking the weblog display and description of message threads.

John, John DeBruyn

on February 16, 2003 03:50 PM
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