Net::CDDB Information

A Perl modules for querying the CDDB servers.

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Net::CDDB is a Perl module which allows you to query Internet CDDB database servers.


Net::CDDB is under development. It is not complete. It is still evolving. But is seems to work well for my purposes.

If you aren't yet sure that you'd like to download the entire distribution (which is really quite small) just to see the docs or one of a couple of other files, you can get 'em here:

Help Needed

If you're interested, I could use help with both the coding, testing, and documentation of this module. I welcome any feedback you might have.


Net::CDDB is distributed under the GNU Public License. If you don't like that, don't use it.

Once you've acquainted yourself with the license terms, you may want the latest version of the source code: Net-CDDB.tar.gz (in .tar.gz format). The documentation is included in the distribution in POD format, so you can render it in whatever format you'd like.

Old Versions

If you'd like a previous version and happen to know the version number, you can downloading using the version number specified in the filename. Version 1.3, for example, would be downloadable as Net-CDDB-1.3.tar.gz from this directory.

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