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Jeremy Morris: "Jer", "JerJer", or "Dad"

Pictured: Jeremy Morris and his wife Christine.

The three words or phrases that best describe Jer:

Jer came to BGSU with a buttload of Advanced Placement (AP) credits. I heard a lot about him before I ever actually met him. I think he initially stuck out in my mind because he had the same name I did. He was "the other Jeremy" to me. Of course, I was probably "the other Jeremy" to him.

In any case, I did eventually meet him. Since then there are certain things I'll never forget about him. He can always make me laugh. I don't know where he comes up with some of his stuff, but he draws the strangest analogies and sometimes tries to combine the strangest things all for the sake of amusing people.

Jer, in my opinion, is a very smart person and driven person. When he gets involved in something that he really cares about, he goes in full-force. He cares about the things he gets involved with and tried to improve them and help out in any way he can.

I also got to know Jer in a work-oriented capacity because he and I worked together for a while. We were both part of the lab technical support team (Lab-Tech) for University Computer Services. Justin also worked on this team.

During his last year, I also was able to take a class with Jer. We (as well as Justin) were in Computer Science 442 "Techniques of Simulation" together. This course required a lot of group work to complete several projects. Jer and I were in the same group for every one of our projects, and he never ceased to impress me. He was an incredibly hard worker, hard thinker, and a good programmer. I learned a lot from him.

Jer is often referred to as either "Dad" or "JerJer" by members of Prout Table. As "Dad" he is one half of "Mom and Dad"--Chris being the other half. "JerJer" (typically screeched in a high-pitched voice) is how he was greeted most days at the Prout Table (sort of like people yelling "Norm!" on Cheers).

Jer and Chris currently live together in Columbus, Ohio where he watches cartoons on a frequent and regular basis. He works at Nationwide Insurance for a few more months before he plans to quit and go to graduate school at Ohio State University so that he can become a high school Math teacher.

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