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The Survey

Tell me something about yourself...

Wondering how I came up with this?

Honors Project Questions

(1) How many brothers and sisters do you have?

(2) Did your parents ever divorce?
If so, how old were you when it happened?

(3) Did you grow up in the city, suburbs, or in a rural area?

(4) Based on your family's income, how would you classify your family's social class?
[ ] Low
[ ] Lower-Middle
[ ] Middle
[ ] Upper-Middle
[ ] Upper

(5) Do you believe that what you get in life depends more on (a) your own efforts, or (b) the economic situation, job opportunities, and social services provided by the government?

(6) In what religious faith were you raised?
[ ] Protestant
[ ] Catholic
[ ] Jewish
[ ] None
[ ] Other ____________________

(7) Are you still practicing your faith?

(8) If not, where do you derive your morals and ideals?

(9) Someone who is against all churches and religion wants to give a speech in your community. Should they be allowed to do so?

(10) What about a person who thinks that Blacks are genetically inferior?

(11) Are you in favor of the death penalty for persons convicted of murder?

(12) Do you think the use of Marijuana should be legal?

(13) Do you think government wiretaps should be legal?

(14) Do you think that abortion should be remain legal?

(15) Which three events stand out most in your mind as being significant when you were growing up? Why?
Example: Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.

(16) What three trends/fads do you remember from the same time period?

(17) Apart from your classes at school, what organizations are you actively involved in?

(18) What are your hobbies?

(19) Rank the following types of music from your favorite (1) to least favorite (7):
[ ] Classical
[ ] Pop
[ ] Rock/Classic Rock
[ ] Alternative
[ ] Country
[ ] Rap
[ ] R&B
[ ] Other ____________________

(20) What job would you like to have when you are 30 years old?

(21) What do you realistically think your annual salary will be in that job when you are 30?

(22) Do you consider yourself a:
[ ] Democrat
[ ] Republican
[ ] Independent
[ ] Other: ____________________

(23) Did you vote during the last elections?

(24) When you meet someone new, what do you ask them about in order to get a feel for the kind of person they are?

(25) What three qualities are most important (in your opinion) in deciding whether or not someone would make a good friend? Explain.

(26) Where would you like to live (City/Rural, what part of the country) when you finally settle down?

(27) Do you expect (or would you like) to get married in the next five years?

(28) By the time you are 30?

(29) How many children (if any) do you hope to have?

Jeremy D. Zawodny / jzawodn@bgnet.bgsu.edu

Updated: March 29h, 1997