October 24, 2003

Y! Japan Days #4 and #5

More good talks, good food, good drinks, and good people. Lots of fun. I don't have time to write up much more at the moment, but I've updated the pictures with the latest.

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning, some folks are heading to the Tokyo Auto Show, some to the fish market, and a few of us go to Akihabara to go gadget shopping.

Guess which group I'm in... :-)

Useful stuff:

That's all for now. Oh, here's a picture of my last post form the Zaurus. How cool is that?

On Sunday we fly to Korea and will be staying at The Oakwood. Then on Tuesday we head to Taiwan.

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Posting from Zaurus

I am posting this from a Sharp Zaurus in the Living Bar in Japan.

This thing is attracting a lot of attention. I really really really want me one of these!!!

I will ppost a pic later.

Posted by jzawodn at 05:08 AM