August 15, 2003

Blog Stuff

I've realized two things recently:

  1. I'm bored of roughly 90% of the blogs that I "read"
  2. I enjoy life more when I tried to avoid computers on the weekend.


  1. I'm going to either read fewer blogs or find some new blogs to read. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm no longer blogging on the weekend. Heck, I'm generally trying to avoid the computer on the weekend. I'd rather spend the time outside or reading or... whatever. Yeah, there's the issue of the book. It's the main exception right now. Most of it happens only on the weekends. And if something really blog-worthy happens, I won't wait until Monday.

Oh, and I have an experiment I want to try on my blog. More on that soon--Monday, I guess.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:37 PM

What happened to Yahoo's Millionaires?

Forbes has a brief story on Yahoo! Finance called Purple People in which they track down a few of the millionaires created by acquisitions at Yahoo during the boom.

Forbes tracked down 25 individual sellers in the Yahoo deals and found that every one of them is at work on something new and vital, a few of them on several projects at once. Only five still work at Yahoo. Ten are entrepreneurs. Four are angel investors or venture capitalists, and two others are weighing new chief executive jobs. The rest are teaching, writing or consulting. Sure, for many their workdays are shorter than they used to be, but entrepreneurial drive is tough to quash.

Ahh, the boom.

Posted by jzawodn at 09:54 AM