August 03, 2003

Why I replaced XP with Win2k on my Notebook

No, I haven't gone to the dark side. You see, I have more than one ThinkPad. Three to be exact. And a TiBook. But that's not the point. And it's a long story, so don't ask.

One ThinkPad runs Windows. That's it's job. It came with XP but I was fed up with it a long time ago. I wasted a long time replacing it with Win2k. It now runs semi-well--not that I use it that often. Maybe that'll help extend its half-life.

What half-life? I'll let Mark explain what the half-life is about and how much fun he had with Windows XP.

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I've recently become reacquainted with the benefits (to my personal sanity) of occasional naps. Like from 6-8pm (or so) on weekends.

Too bad I can't fit a small bed or couch into my cube at work.

There are some really comfortable couches in the nearby breakroom.


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My Blog Images Broken in NNW?

Someone reported an odd problem. Apparently using NNW, images from my blog aren't showing up in my RSS 2.0 full-post feed. I've looked at the XML and HTML and it looks kosher to me.

Anyone else seen this problem and know what's up? I'm happy to fix it if I know what to fix.

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Interesting Tidbits

Here's some stuff of interest I've run across recently:

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