August 04, 2003

mytop 1.4 is released

After a long period of not integrating patches, I've released the newest version of mytop.

mytop is a console-based (non-gui) tool for monitoring the threads and overall performance of MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x, and 4.x servers. It runs on most Unix systems (including Mac OS X) which have Perl, DBI, and Term::ReadKey installed. And with Term::ANSIColor installed you even get color. If you install Time::HiRes, you'll get good real-time queries/second stats.

Version 1.4 contains several new features, including a revamped display at the top of the screen. See the Changes file for a details about what's new.

Give it a whirl and let me know of bugs or feature requests. To discuss, hop on the mailing list.

Posted by jzawodn at 10:45 AM