April 15, 2003

Great Quote

From Mark:

As you may have noticed, I haven't really thought about this very hard, so no doubt some issues will arise.

I've felt like that a lot recently. But I wasn't cool enough to be that succinct.

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I just realized that the most interesting (to me, at least) things going on in my life right are are things I cannot really discuss on-line. Not now, at least. And much if it maybe never. In some ways it's really cool, but it's also rather frustrating. In the 9 months or so since I began blogging, I've grown accustomed to tossing stuff out here so that others knew what I'm up to.

Amazingly, some people are interested and even care.

It's a strange little world we create.

On a related note, I just discovered that I really ought to do laundry tomorrow. I'm in need of clean whites.

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Email via TiVo

Oh, I long for the day when I have this much spare time again.

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Inbox Cleanup

I've been bad. My inbox at work was over 800 messages this morning. I've spent most of the day removing, sorting, and responding. It's exhausting in a way, but it feels good. I'm down to 31.

Of course, the last 20 are always the ones that seem to require 1-2 hours effort each to deal with. You know, it's the last 10% taking 90% of the time...

In summary: please don't send me anymore e-mail. Well, not until I'm caught up, at least.

My goal is to keep it below 20 messages for the next few weeks. Let's see how well I really do.

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When E-Commerce Sucks

I'm catching up on my blog reading while I eat lunch. I just ran across Scott's e-commerce rant from a few days ago. I couldn't agree more. I don't always go for lowest price. I often job with a vendors reputation in mind and don't take kindly to being jerked around.

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