April 07, 2003

Just to mess with Scoble

I should add his NetMeeting site to the Yahoo Directory when I get to work tomorrow. Maybe that'll get him to recommend Yahoo to his friends?

Probably not.

As for his 4 suggestions, I'd love to respond. Maybe I will, since I have ideas about what Yahoo should be doing in the search world. And no, they bear little resemblance to what Yahoo actually is doing. But I have about ten other things to do now, so I'll have to delay that for day or two...

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I'm disappointed in me...

My bike has been back from the shop for about five days. I haven't been for a ride yet. And the weather has been excellent.

Perhaps Wednesday. That's probably the only sane day I'll have between now and Sunday.

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Inktomi has cool technology

I spent much of today learning about Inktomi's search infrastructure. I've come to the conclusion that they've got some really cool stuff. They're clearly still in the game--from a technology point of view, at least.

Tomorrow I'm heading to up to the Inktomi offices in Foster City for more of the same. It's a lot of time but there's some good stuff to learn about.

Most of Wednesday I'll be getting my talks ready for the MySQL Conference.

Then, Thursday - Saturday I'll be at the conference.

Busy week ahead.

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CNN Humor

Ever wonder what it'd be like if the two guys from Airplane! ran the CNN web site? You know, the two Jive guys. Yeah, them.

Wonder no longer! It's right here.

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SuSE and apt4rpm?

Anyone played with apt on SuSE?

As a Debian convert for several years, I've really grown to hate RPMs and all they stand for. But I may be working on a SuSE machine (remotely) in the not too distant future. So I'm looking for ways to make that as painless as possible.

Anything else I should be looking at?

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Did nobody understand what I was saying?

Okay, yesterday I complained about Daylight Savings Time. A bunch of people replied in defense of DST, which is a little odd. If you read the post, I wasn't against DST itself, I was against the switching to and from DST.

I even said: "Why don't we just set our clocks ahead one hour permanently and be done with it?"

Hmm. I guess I should have been more clear or something.

Anyway, at least now I know that several folks agree with me. :-)

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Y! Search Easter Egg

Try a search for "jeremy zawodny!".

Neat, huh?

It's one of the new feature: search shortcuts (more detail).

Here's another example. Try a search for "mail!".

Now, if you're bored, see what other stuff is lurking in there. Just try adding an exclamation point to the end of your queries.

Update: someone has been busy looking for more of 'em.

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