February 15, 2003

Google buys Blogger maker Pyra

Via Dan Gillmor:

Google, which runs the Web's premier search site, has purchased Pyra Labs, a San Francisco company that created some of the earliest technology for writing weblogs, the increasingly popular personal and opinion journals.

And, later on:

Developers of blogging software have been finding user-friendly ways to help readers of weblogs and other information find and collect material from a variety of sites. It's in this arena that the Google-Pyra deal may have the most implications. More than most Web companies, Google has grasped the distributed nature of the online world, and has seen that the real power of cyberspace is in what we create collectively. We are beginning to see that power brought to bear.

Cool. Go Google!

Posted by jzawodn at 09:33 PM

OS X Screen Capture: SnapzProX

I went looking for a good Mac OS X screen/window capture utility and came across SnapzProX. Very cool stuff. Highly recommended if you don't mind spending the cash.

There are some cool tips on their web site that link to the on-line discussion forums. Excellent. If I was bored, I'd try capturing images from DVD.

Posted by jzawodn at 08:16 PM

Not Scripting News

When's the last time that the content on Scripting News had anything to do wtih scripting?

Yeah, once in a while you'll read about XML-RPC or something related, but that's maybe 10% of the time. Is it a case of misleading branding? If Dave renamed it "Dave's weblog" wouldn't anyone care?

I don't know why I just thought of it. I was scanning headines in NetNewsWire and thouht to myself "What does any of that have to do with scripting." And through the magic of MovableType, you now get to wonder about it too. :-)

Anyway, I'm not saying that Dave should change the name, I'm just remarking on how it's misleading if you bother to think about it.

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Holy crap!

I had a cup of Coffee this morning because I got up rather early but was feeling especially sluggish. It's my first cup of the year. It really did the trick.

I really understand how some folks quickly grow dependant upon it for their "morning jolt." I'm just glad I won't be one of them. (I drink maybe 6 cups per year.)

Posted by jzawodn at 07:12 AM