February 09, 2003

Now *that's* a Joy Stick!

Blame Kasia. She gave me the link.

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Browser or Aggregator? Some numbers.

I got to wondering about browsers vs. aggregators coming to my blog. I'm going to assume that anyone who hits http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/ is a browser and anyone who hits http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/index.rdf is an aggregator. It's simple and I have the data for a more detailed analysis, but that's not the point.

So, in the last 24 hours, /blog/ has had 1,012 hits while /blog/index.rdf has had 3,170. I know from past checks that I have roughly 240 unique visitors to /blog/index.rdf each day, so that number makes sense. But the surprisingly high number of visitors to my blog home page (as opposed to individual posts, which is what most aggregator users seem to hit) makes me wonder.

I just always figured that most folks used aggregators. But apparently most folks who read my blog use their browser. I suspect that the folks who read lots of blgos (20 or more?) are all using aggregators whilte the others just have a link to me on their personal "start page" so they hit it a few times each day.

Someday I'll break the numbers down with some heuristics to try and get a clearer picture.

What I'm really wondering is this: Is my blog unusual in this repsect? Or to most folks see this? I've not seen it discussed much, so it's hard to really know.

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Flying pictures posted

So I finally got around to actually using my camera at the airport and in the air. The pictures are on-line here. And you can read the brief entry about today's flight in my flying blog.

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Fight the Power

On the topic of Clay's Power Laws essay, Burningbird responds:

I started out linking primarily to the more well known webloggers. However, over time, I found other weblogs and webloggers who I tended to read more and more, and appreciate more than the so-called elite webloggers. Most of these people I met in my comments, and in comments on other weblogs. As I added more of these people to my blogroll, and linked to them in my postings, I tended to link to the elite bloggers less and less because I found that I just didn't read them as much. In other words, as my experience level increased in weblogging, my reliance on linking to a set group of elite bloggers decreased.

All I can say is, "Me Too!"

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