February 08, 2003

Gallagher is coming to town

After far too long, I get to see Gallagher live tomorrow at 7pm. He's coming to the Marin Center. Now I just need to figure out where, exactly, that is so I can find it tomorrow night. (I bought a ticket on-line a few night ago without bothering to check where, exactly, it was. I knew it was in Marin county somewhere, so how bad could it be?)

Ah! They have directions on their site. Excellent.

Hm. It's in San Rafael. That's gonna be a bit of a trek. Oh, well. I'm sure it'll be worth it.

If only I could see George Carlin tour again. He's also excellent live.

Posted by jzawodn at 05:35 PM

More Couch Humor

I stumbed across two more funny pieces at The Avocado Couch. The first one, A note to the obnoxiously self-absorbed is one of the best rants I've read in a long, long time. It goes all out. The second one, Step one: admitting you have a problem is an amusing confession of addiction--to sexy pants. I love it. :-)

Read and enjoy. Better yet, add it to your aggregator.

Posted by jzawodn at 05:25 PM

Dr. Soy sells on-line

I'm a big fan of Dr. Soy bars--especially the Chocolate/Peanut variety. I was eating one this afternoon and got to wondering if they were a public company. Maybe I'd like to buy some stock.

I see on the wrapper that their web site, easily enough, is www.drsoy.com so I head over. It turns out that they are not public. But, I'm thrilled to see that they sell directo to consumers via their web site and it ends up costing less than my local grocery store charges.


I ordered two boxes on the spot.

I suspect that few other "healthy" snack food makers do this. Hm. Actually, it seems that you can get Clif and Luna bars on-line too. Excellent.

I don't eat Clif bars often, but if I did, I'd probably buy somet too. Even if it wasn't any cheaper, it helps to encourage companies like this to sell on-line.

Posted by jzawodn at 02:30 PM