December 04, 2002

New Linux Y! Messenger Beta

It's unofficial and unsupported. Use at your own risk. It's version 0.99.21. It's here. It fixes some very annoying bugs that users of 0.99.19 are likely seeing.

If you'd rather wait for the next official one (rumored to be 0.99.22) hang on a week or two. It'll probably appear on

Posted by jzawodn at 06:25 PM

Hyperlink Meta Clutter

Over at Web Voice there's some discussion of an issue that Y! Finance and Y! News deal with constantly--how much "related" information about a keyword, topic, story, person, etc. is too much? Does it belong in-line or off to the side? Should the user be able to customize it? How?

This is interesting to me because I was supposed to be working on a project for Y! Finanace that changes the way we handle those in-story links you see on news articles and commentary. But since I'm moving to Y! Search, I won't have time to work on that project. Too bad.

Anyone have strong preferences on this? Seen a site that does it exceptionally well or poorly?

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Windley Resigns

As noted here, Phil is resigning as Utah's CTO. Damn. I liked reading about the tech happenings in Utah.

Oh, well. Good luck with whatever you do next, Phil. Keep us informed. :-)

Posted by jzawodn at 04:02 PM

I'm back

Made it back to CA last night around 7:30pm. The cats were glad to see me. Or maybe it was just the catnip toys I always bring back after a long break.

Tons of catch-up at work to do. Lots of crazy stuff. Oh, and they're trying to move my office soon too...

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