July 21, 2002

MySQL Optimization Talk Tomorrow

Everything seems to be on track for my MySQL Optimization talk tomorrow. It might even move to a bigger room because there are a sufficient number of folks signed up (about 57). I've just made the final (yeah, right) changes to the slides. I should back them up somewhere now...

Posted by jzawodn at 09:16 PM

Welcome to the Hotel Disappointment

So I've arrived in San Diego for the conference, and guess what. Unlike last year, all rooms do not have broadband connections. Only rooms on floor 9 and higher do. Granted, I didn't ask when I made the reservation, but they all had them last year. (I'm on the 2nd floor for those keeping score at home.)


To switch would cost $50/night, so I'll do dial-up until the 802.11b network is active. In other news, the weather here is great (as usual). Time to get fixing my presentations.

Derek is on the 9th floor, so he's got the good stuff. Who else got screwed?

Posted by jzawodn at 02:35 PM