July 22, 2002

Microsoft and Apache and .NET?

According to slashdot there's going to be an Apache/.NET announcement at OSCON on Wednesday. This should be interesting. Very interesting.

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MySQL Tutorials at OSCON

Today I attended David and Kaj's "ACID Transactions with InnoDB" talk in the morning. It went quite well and they presented some nice diagrams that will help with the InnoDB part of my book. I need to chat with them about possibly re-using some of that material.

After lunch it was my turn to talk. The "MySQL Optimization" talk was full. There were about 45 people in it (if I counted correctly). Based on the feedback so far, it appears to have gone well. I was quite happy to have finished on time, With 80 slides to hit in 3 hours, I knew it would be tough because there is a lot to say about the topic.

Then I had the chance to sit in on a meeting with the MySQL developers to discuss changes and enhancements to the replication sub-system. It was rather productive, I think. However, I'm not convinced that Monty's solution to my replication relay problem will actually work. I need to track him down and explain why.

Then several of us (Andy Oram, Brett Glass, Jeffrey Friedl, Derek Balling, Joe Rollinson, and I) went out for a sailboat ride on the bay--thanks to Joe. It was a good night for it. We had excellent views of downtown San Diego and a good time on the water. As soon as I track down Jeffrey, I'll get the pictures out of my camera and post them.

Update: Here are the boat pics.

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