I've been getting lots of inquiries from recruiters recently looking to find good people for various tech companies. Two in particular might be interesting if you're in the market or know someone who is.

Technology Evangelist at New York City Based Startup

If you saw Fred Wilson's post Are You A Connector?, you know a bit about this job already. It's a NYC based startup developing a new platform in an area that's likely to see serious growth in the next few years.

They're looking for someone with coding experience who loves showing other developers and users how stuff works: on stage, via blogs, in screencasts, and so on. It's important that this person have a technical (programming) background and also be very comfortable getting in front of people to demo and speak.

The company is New York based and this job is too. However, I'm told that a Bay Area candidate may work as well, since a presence here will be important. Otherwise, I'm sure that frequent travel to the Bay Area will be part of the gig.

The company is still a bit stealthy but more information will be forthcoming soon.

Ping me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

Network/Systems Administrator at Rapleaf in San Francisco

The folks at Rapleaf ping me from time to time looking for talented engineers too. Here's the description of the position they're currently hiring for.

Rapleaf is a well-funded San Francisco startup (we’re currently at 15 people). We gather publicly available information from the social web on hundreds of millions of people to enable developers and companies to give their consumers a better user experience. Rapleaf has built the largest portable social graph in the world. We provide rich insight on customers for clients such as retailers, airlines, hotel chains, social networks, lead gen firms, telcos, political campaigns, financial services, and more (these companies learn about their consumers in order to give them a better user experience). The company has processed over 175 million unique searches for businesses and consumers.
You will maintain Rapleaf’s entire infrastructure and enhance the system to do great things as we’re on the trajectory to change the world. Helping grow one of the largest and most complex databases for a small start-up.


  • Manage all Rapleaf servers (Linux – CentOS, Redhat), backups, web servers (Apache clusters)
  • Manage relationship with hosting provider and hardware vendors
  • Scalability and expansion (Hadoop)
  • Systems administration (DNS,LDAP,NFS,TCP/IP,SELinux)
  • Some scripting (Shell, Ruby, Python, or Perl)
  • Administer MySQL databases (multi-master replication, snapshot backups)
  • Learn how to scale with Ruby on Rails
  • Manage complex Java systems
  • Manage billions of data items of pages being served
  • On-call duty
Note: this job is really hard. You’ll be working with some of the top search engineers in the world and they are going to expect that you kick ass. We’re doing things that no one has ever done before and solving problems that have been open for years.


  • Master of all things Internet and Linux.
  • Incredibly smart, can learn fast, and takes no prisoners
  • Learn new platforms fast. We use Ruby on Rails and Java … you can pick this up quickly.
  • Intensely driven and proactive person.
  • Extremely hard working. This is a start-up - team members work long hours.
  • Quick learner and real doer. Err on execution over strategy.
  • Thrive on working with A-players. Too good to spend long hours with B-players.
  • Likeable person who garners respect on and off the job.
  • Thrive on chaos, risk, and uncertainty.
  • Should be easy to get along with, nice, fun, smart, ethical, and low-maintenance.
  • Strong desire to build a more ethical society.
  • Desire to be an early employee and want to be a real owner in Rapleaf’s future.
  • Want to work with extremely large datasets and indirectly build portable APIs that thousands of other companies can build applications on top of.
  • Ability to lift and install servers (50 lbs)
  • Should want to live in or near San Francisco (relocation available if necessary)


  • Good salary/stock compensation.
  • Personal MacBook Pro or Linux based machine
  • Medical insurance, 401k.
  • Kitchen stocked with food
  • Work with some of the smartest engineers
  • Contribute to the Rapleaf Dev blog (http://blog.rapleaf.com/dev/)

Again, ping me if you're interested or know someone who might be. I'll make an introduction for you.

Posted by jzawodn at July 02, 2008 09:16 PM

Reader Comments
# allspaw said:

This part right here:

"Note: this job is really hard. You’ll be working with some of the top search engineers in the world and they are going to expect that you kick ass. We’re doing things that no one has ever done before and solving problems that have been open for years."

doesn't say "Network/Systems Administrator" to me, it says "Web Operations Engineer" or what Google calls a "Site Reliability Engineer". I realize the titles are maybe meant to throw a wide net, but in my experience "Network/Systems Administrator" may net you folks who don't have the large-scale web-specific skillz you're after.

on July 3, 2008 04:09 PM
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